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Sunday 22 July 2018 - 12:19
Is it possible to buy and sell industrial projects and in towns there?
transfer its rights to a third party specified in the contract prospectus shall
Can non-industrial economic activity in industrial zones such as aquaculture, poultry farming and agro industry ... Launched?
Industrial services and any other services, including financial, technical, scientific, educational, informative and ... Meet the needs of industrial units with legal permission from the competent authorities are permitted.
What are the industries that can be deployed in the towns?
Industrial Estates General in almost all fields of industrial activity can be established. But only certain fields of specialization in the industrial towns of the industrial activities are possible. In industries like tannery industrial estate Charmshahr.
What are the documents required for plant establishment license?
licensure requires particular document does not refer to the establishment of industries and mines and completing the necessary forms are issued.
Thread contract with the applicant for land in industrial estates is?
each applicant according to the extent and location of the land is allocated to him should pay a share of costs for the construction of industrial parks. The share of the cost of operation (exploitation) of the facilities call. Cost of operating the cash payment is received. So the issue is not simply the right of exploitation. In order to assist the applicant, the price of land allocation to exploit the reach of his unit be downloaded separately.